General Theory of Evolution

Evolution as an internal improvement mechanism that transmits information to the offspring. Definition of CEL. The fundamental characteristic of life is freedom.

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Author: José Tiberius




The Conditional Evolution of Life –CEL– represents, at least, an element of reflection on the long road of scientific knowledge.

The following paragraphs present the main ideas about the theory of life, its nature, origin, and evolution.

5.a) Conditional Evolution of Life –CEL

The new fundamental development in Conditional Evolution is the evolution as an internal mechanism of living beings’ improvement that transmits to descendants. Given the complexity of the aspects involved, use many systems, methods, or procedures depending on the particular conditions.

The CEL can summarize as follows:

  • The main characteristic of life is Freedom

  • All life has an intrinsic tendency to widen the sphere of freedom using evolution

  • Evolutionary systems, methods, or processes and their configuration depend on specific conditions in each case.

The broadest sense of freedom means the possibility of overcoming determinism or freeing from the bounds of nature's laws of physics, increasing the range of potentials of living beings. Regardless of quantitative aspects, this concept would exist since the beginning of life.

Although this concept is essential to the CEL, it is unnecessary for its validation within a scientific approach.

Specific areas of freedom are so small that they may be undetectable to humans. However, it does not mean we cannot detect their nature through intuition and experimental models. On the other hand, advances in technology are continuously increasing the limits of our intelligent perception.

The term “conditional evolution” does not refer to the adaptation to conditions to survive but improving since the beginning of life to be more independent from the environmental restrictions.

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However, the central ideas of life’s evolution are present: the variety of methods and conditions.

Moreover, it refers not only to the environmental conditions and restrictions but also to those conditions derived from its goals, internal logic, and dynamic.

Point three of the Conditional Evolution of Life could seem too general. However, explaining all the methods used by Nature would make a brief and concise presentation impossible. Moreover, the list would be too long and incomplete.

At the same time, we can cite the evolutionary mechanism of sexual differentiation and Logical Verification of Information (LoVeInf).

There is a brief resume of a global perspective of the alternative theory of evolution below. On the one hand, there are some characteristics of life. On the other hand, multiple conditions can affect change and the ideas behind them.

The causes, methods, or mechanisms of the CEL classifies between conditions imposed by exogenous or environmental factors and endogenous conditions derived from an evolutionary system's dynamics.



(CEL - 1990)