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  • The boldness of ignorance

    The expression about the audacity of ignorance could apply to the author of these books. However, its mechanical application could be wrong and create undesirable quantum errors.

    Einsoder knowledge of Biology, Evolution, Modern Physics, Quantum Physics, and Relativistic Physics is not as broad as he would like to be. He prefers Lamarck to the theory of evolution of Darwin, as well as opposing Einstein’s concept of relativity of time. Quantum Physics is excellent because it does not affirm much more than uncertainty on the real model besides its complex mathematics.

    In these virtual books, we accept all experiments, but not always the interpretation of academia. Especially, skeptics’ ideas defended without any judgment, knowledge basis, or both.

    One could argue with these experts about the incompatibility of Relativity with Quantum Mechanics, prevailing branches of Modern Physics, and both strongly backed-up.

    The expression on Einsoder’s face is a result of him just discovering a singularity and applying the Uncertainty Principle.

    Puppet toad thinking what have I done to deserve this?

    The books of the collection from Molwick Publishing are alternative and not very technical books. Nevertheless, the scientific culture of Einsoder is much superior to scientists from the early stages of the past century. On the other hand, towards the decline of the last century, almost all scientists are in other dimensions, like the space-time continuum, dark energy, dark matter, or multiverse, when not traveling back in time.

    Both the Conditional Evolution of Life and the new paradigm proposed by Global Physics have a scientific nature due to their proposals of experiments to carry out. Not only that, some of them already demonstrated as in the EDI Study. Also, the explanation of Mercury’s Orbit by Don Magufo is as impressive and much more straightforward than the General Relativity by Einstein or Paul Gerber 20 years before him –the three with a very similar formula.

    There are already many similar developments in the books on Physics, Evolution, and Cognitive Psychology about supposed scientific and proven theories; it seems that it is becoming an unhealthy and vicious habit of the author. Well, at least there is a virtual book without changing any theory or paradigm; it is a collection of short fairy tales.

    It is not about thinking that the process of investigation by technicians, in any subject, is as terrible as the joke related to General De Gaulle about the ways to perdition: gambling, women, and technicians. The first would be the fastest, the second the most pleasant and the third the most reliable.

    The function of scientific communities and technicians is necessary for our society and plays an important role, just as any other worker and the idle person do. The culture of information allows other contributions to scientific globalization due to free access to the Internet.