The online exhibition of the short stories for kids allows us to comment about the characteristics, elements and characters of each story or tale.

The book Nocturnities for Kids includes the introduction to the cited above main elements and characteristics of bedtime stories.

The PDF book content is a preview.

  • Curiosities

    The new theories of Molwickpedia book collection have a strong scientific nature and are supported both by experiments and studies which have been already carried out and by proposals of new possible experiments.

    Since it is difficult to accept so much globalization and scientific revolution, a collection of short tall tales, with a higher difficulty, has been added to the book Nocturnities for kids in order to just imagine the possibility of their relation to reality.

    Despite the seriousness of the proposals, due to globalization, the scientific revolution, paradigm and culture shifts and everything else that said theories may involve; those who do not agree with them and whose sense of humor and constructive criticism is not fully developed are kindly invited to read the online horror story called The Sly ones of the Inquisition in the 17th and subsequent centuries.