Terror stories: The Sly Ones of Modern Inquisition

Short online terror story for non-children. The sly ones of the modern Inquisition think that only they and children can know the truth of scary or terror stories.

Front cover of the PDF Original Fairy Tales for Children. Rag doll with lilac hair.




Author: José Tiberius





This terror story was included in the online book of Love Equation as an annex, but it was considered more appropriate to place it here instead, with a title expressing the lack of general interest of it. Only to a few people can these stories to think about or the horror story about the Holy Inquisition.

In that case, said people could be recommended to read this horror story so they can think about their attitude.

Magnifying glass effect on representation of a meeting of people from the Holy Inquisition


Everything could not be so idyllic and beautiful, one has to make a small effort to understand that sooner or later, the moment in which one abandons one’s inner personal ambit and tries to communicate with the rest of the world, a small proportion of people will appear: the sly ones of the Holy Inquisition, ever protecting the established order and addicted to terror stories.

Some are soft and unaware of their true behaviour, but others are characterized by the mental agony that they have, which is caused by their argumentative impotence or by the argument of their impotence, it depends how you look at it, which is to say the objective reality! And also by leaning on the systems defence when in reality they defend much more personal interests, using various techniques that we could sum up in the phrase: to throw the stone and hide the hand or group attack.

In reality, the sly ones of the Holy Inquisition are afraid all by themselves and they can’t read horror stories; not even very short tales like this one. Some confess that their blood boils, which betrays there herbivorous nature.

For more information, one can consult the black legend and other terror stories about the Holy Inquisition.

I’m sorry to be so direct, but it is important to be conscious of the existence of these figures and not to let oneself be dragged by their scary stories. Their existence is connatural to life and to all the vital impulse systems, as they need mechanisms of control. Because of the complexity, some of them present certain deviations regarding their previous function.

A small review of history, of cinema or of literature of terror tales shows us that they are plagued with examples of this type of behaviour, whether real or fictitious, many of which are famous for their great humane beauty.

Fortunately, the figure of the Holy Inquisition itself is actually more rhetoric. In some places the Spanish Inquisition is specially used as a literary figure in horror tales. However, I think other countries’ Inquisitions didn’t have anything to envy, though they probably disappeared a bit before.

One could tell many horror tales about the sly ones of the Modern Inquisition but I only wanted to point out that they idolize the great scientists and geniuses of the human race and if they had been contemporary, they could have been burned on the stake. At the same time, in their blind defence of established science they despise any glimmer of change in the scientific paradox.

Many of these modern sly ones try to justify their actions with a flag of healthy scepticism.

Of course, I don’t mean to say or insinuate that some theories or ideas aren’t criticisable or erroneous but to say that there are obvious things to point out: one thing is constructive criticism about ideas, always worthy of gratitude, and another is personal declassification without justification, and always with a reflexive personality.