Theory of the language

The language mechanisms are brain functions operating like intuition and standard memory combined. They do not require a high degree of reliability. The genetics and the origin of language.

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Author: José Tiberius



3.d) Ultrafast brain functions

  • Theory of language

Language is the consequence of the brain’s functions of intuitive intelligence and standard memory modes. Alternatively, it is the combined set of linguistic intelligence andsemantic memory functions.

Of course, it is possible to go much more in-depth and distinguish between the different levels of certainty required within the functions of language, but it would be applying the same logic. The language shares the characteristics of diffuse logic.

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The configuration of the human brain functions for language could help to create a model to possible verifications of the Conditional Evolution of Life.
Semantic memory behaves like standard memory with a lower degree of reliability. If mathematical memory works with 98-100%, standard memory could work with 90 or 95%, and semantic memory could be around 80%.
In other words, not selecting the word that best says what we want to say, does not mean, that the word we have said does not say what we wanted to say with enough precision.

The previous paragraph is an example of itself!

According to the Global Cognitive Theory, the memory manager is the intelligence; the semantic memory manager acts by selecting the first proposals that its internal mechanisms or cognitive processes offer.

That is, the overall language mechanism is made up of semantic memory and its manager; it will not apply the method Logical Verification of Information. Instead, it will apply a different one that will act intuitively but quicker than intuition.

The cognitive ability of complementarity of two elements that, in this case, do not demand the LoVeInf method (Logical Verification of Information) should be higher than individual elements when the LoVeInf is active. It could be the reason the capacity of human language is astounding.

From another point of view, it is not surprising that any little malfunction of the memory or its manager can have a significant effect on oral expression. Specifically, these malfunctions are well known, and problems related to language and its written expression are relatively widespread, like problems related to dyslexia.