There are four PDFs to download on the Global Cognitive Theory plus the essay of the EDI Study - Evolution and Design of Intelligence.

The first book is about the brain as a specialized organ in data processing and the shared characteristics of intelligence and memory. There are remarks on their conceptual identity, complementarities, and constant optimization by the system of the human intellect, due to its complexity and flexibility.

The second psychology book dedicates to the different meanings of the word intelligence and the concept of creativity.

The third book on the Global Cognitive Theory studies the types of memory within their functional, temporal, and integrity perspectives.

The will and the decision-making process are the objects of the last book on psychology. It has a much more philosophical approach than the previous books of the brain.

Different concepts of artificial intelligence are studied.

Finally, The EDI Study is a statistical study confirming some proposals of the Conditional Evolution of Life and its development by the Global Cognitive Theory.