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16-01-2023 - Appendix UMBRELLA to Astrophysics book.


If we had to indicate the essential characteristics of these science books, we would like to believe they aim to reinforce personal thinking and to maintain an open attitude towards life.

Spanish is the original language of the collection.

The Homepage of Molwick .com has links to the versions in different languages, like Spanish, English, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

Below there is a list of the translated books into English by Molwick Publishing.

One advantage of these online books is that they are alive because of continuous improvements.

On the one hand, the literary style suffers to a certain extent due to its medium –Internet. On the other hand, these books deal with Hu-mind style, among other things, conceptual rhymes that show the beauty of the wild intelligence of love.

Finally, the proposals made are quite risky. For example, the book Global Mechanics aims to support Global Physics from the elementary particle's point of view. It confirms it as a Theory of Everything,  reaching not only the conceptual unification of the four fundamental forces of Modern Physics but adding new ones.




Although Molwick presents curried out and possible experiments when proposing new theories, as of now, they are not generally accepted. Consequently, it is advisable to consult Wikipedia to obtain the official or orthodox scientific point of view.

However, the scientific method of Molwick is evident with a small search on the Web about “molwick university,” “molwick Wikipedia,” “molwick experiments,” “molwick doctoral thesis,” “molwick degree” or many other combinations of words.

In short, there is no need to be an expert in virtual search or spend more than five minutes to check it in any of the languages in the Molwick site. An objective method is to observe the kind of Web pages linking to molwick .com and what other links those pages have.

Defending orthodox science, skeptics have criticized technical aspects, which form part of the generally accepted scientific heritage and here are used to support innovative ideas. In short, ignorance has always been daring and, now, webbing.

The book collection shares a little shift of the paradigm in their respective matters. Publishing on the Internet has been essential for its development due to the logical rigidity of some ideas *

Jose Tiberius is a curious and global character. When he proposes models and scientific proposals, he should be judged neither by the Inquisition nor by his knowledge of the previous theories or solid academic education, no matter how big he has it, but by the logical coherence and empirical contrast of these new ideas.

Otherwise, we will be lead into the classic ad wominem, hominem, or whominem fallacy, typical among those who have been erroneously self-proclaimed skeptics, as a reaction to the naivety of their childhood.

Even Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma said it: “So much imagination cannot be good…”

The only antidote for the egocentrism of pure reason is Love.